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the condition suffered by a lunatic

OH MIGHTY COLD (listen) (lyrics)

For me, there's a lot of layers in this song. But I think it's predominantly about deciding to leave it all up to faith. Acknowledging that you cannot control every single matter in life, sometimes you just have to look at the moon and say "do your thing"

FLOATING (listen) (lyrics)

A song about my psychosomatic cleansing, my attempt to let my energies flow freely, to accept myself and take responsibility for my own life. I want to live in covenant with myself and nature, which this song is about, I suppose :)

WOEBEGONE (listen) (lyrics)

Wanting something so bad, that you'd literally risk your life to get it. But it's also about wanting something so bad, that you actually pull your shit together for a moment, in the pursuit of something meaningful. 

VAGRANT (listen) (lyrics)

I wrote vagrant out of anger. It is a song about how easily one can both feel lost, and become lost. About if human beings only have social value based on our materialistic function, and not simply the fact that we are sentient people of flesh and blood. Are we all up for disposal as soon as we break?

WAITING FOR WATER (listen) (lyrics)

This song was written at a very strange and very rough time I was going through. I'd just gotten 'away' from a very bad situation I was in, but I hadn't gotten anywhere. Like there had just been a raging storm, and everything was dead quiet, and the danger was over. But there was nothing. Nothing, but waves rolling in and out. Like I had conquered nothing, cause I ran instead of fighting.