The earth is howling these days

The wind is screaming at my face

That I barely got any dignity left, I


Sank so low that I damn near drowned

Surviving on the thought of loving someone, somehow

But love is a hell I cannot bear

So what am I to do here?


My bones rattle under my skin

They hate the home they live in

And I’m no posterchild for bravery

Due to the fear this city induced in me


But will I manage to find peace at last?

Drop me a light, let me forget my past


Love is a temptress, that’s for sure

But I won’t fall her flatter anymore

I will not fall not even once more


Maybe I needed a storm

To relent and to clear my fucking thoughts

Just hand me a bottle, if not more and

I am gone

I am gone

It took a hurricane

To know I won’t change


But will I have something if I refuse to love?

I have nothing if all I have is love